Business illustrations (from $ 12.50)

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Complex original plans will be drawn in a more simple and attractive style. You now have the possibility to present your business property in various usage possibilities, whether it is, for example, as an office or a medical office. These floor plans are an ideal support for your marketing and sales purposes.

What do I have to send?

Original floor plan (scan, photo, etc.)
For ideal results we need good quality PDF, JPG or other usable photo format originals. If you do not own a scanner, you can take a picture of the documents.

Information regarding the order/drawing options
In order to process your request in the best way possible we need every information regarding the sent order. Please write a comment or draw the adjustments/modifications directly onto the original document. Thus, we kindly ask you to send every desired adjustment/modification directly with the order.

What do I receive?

Printable documents
You will receive printable high quality pictures (300 dpi) in JPG format which fulfils every requirement of a professional printing. These pictures are easily added to any marketing materials.

You will receive high quality, printable PDF vector file in A4.

Delivery time
max. 48 hours.

Layouts overview

Layout Type A ($ 12.50)
Layout Type B ($ 12.50)
Layout Type C ($ 12.50)
Layout Type D ($ 12.50)
Layout Type E ($ 12.50)
Layout Type F ($ 12.50)
Layout Type G ($ 12.50)
Layout Type H ($ 12.50)
Layout Type I ($ 12.50)
Layout Type J ($ 12.50)
Layout Type K ($ 12.50)
Layout Type L ($ 12.50)
Layout Medical 1 ($ 12.50)
Layout Medical 2 ($ 12.50)
Layout Office 1 ($ 12.50)
Layout Office 2 ($ 12.50)
Layout Shop 1 ($ 12.50)
Layout Shop 2 ($ 12.50)
Layout Restaurant 1 ($ 12.50)
Layout Restaurant 2 ($ 12.50)
Exterior view ($ 12.50)
Section ($ 12.50)
Location plan ($ 12.50)